Early in 2009, I began developing a liquid-layering process for my paintings, which I believe needs an explanation. Using a camera to document these paintings puts one at an extreme disadvantage. It is as if we were blind in one eye – there is no depth perception. To make these multi-layered paintings come alive, I must ask you to view them in person.

My technique utilizes a series of layers of painted images sandwiched in between an equal number of 1/8” layers of optically clear plastic resin. The oil paint is captured between these layers and, in turn, each layer shows a different painting - and vibrancy of color in the painting is permanently captured as well.

The individual layers appear to be abstracted — but, as the separate layers are sealed, a totally homogeneous image appears. This is a completely new way of creating depth — The consensus among those who have seen this work is that the paintings truly look “three dimensional.”

The challenge, using my technique, was to literally develop space, since objects have visual                                                             and as well as physical volume. To create physical volume, my resolution was to develop a new creative process.

I have been professional exhibiting artist for over 65 years, yet during my career I have never been more satisfied with an approach since I discovered casting bronze in the 1960s.

John N Battenberg

In a unique approach to achieving depth, the artist’s technique utilizes a series of painted images applied between layers of clear resin, creating gorgeous, vibrantly colored three-dimensional paintings.

The Foundry Art Gallery, Sacramento, California

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